We are musicians who put our own careers on hold to help others.  We want to use our talents for a greater good.  We believe in the healing power of music.  We are Musicians for Le Bonheur.

Musicians for Le Bonheur is a project that benefits the best cause in the Mid-South by utilizing the best resource in the Mid-South.  Every year, we recruit forty local bands and musicians for a compilation CD of original family-friendly songs.  All of the money raised from the sales of the compilation CD go straight to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.  

But it's more than just money.  We visit the patients and families of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital to share our music and raise spirits.  We use music to improve lives.

You can see more of what we do in the documentary Melodic Medicine which features musicians from our 2015 lineup.

If you are interested in becoming one of us, e-mail us at info@musiciansforlebonheur.com.

Our 2019 documentary, Healing Music (a documentary featuring Musicians for Le Bonheur) is out and you can watch it here!